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Quality equipment, premium workouts

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Built with integrity, crafted with pride

For over 30 years, we’ve designed and built best-in-class Pilates Reformers that are synonymous with the highest quality and finest manufacturing materials in the industry. Our versatile and durable machines are built to last, that’s why they’re The Professional’s Choice™.

We’ve designed every detail, so you get the most out of your workouts

Professional and Rehab Reformer models come equipped with our patented Retractable Rope System and self-locking cleats that allow for quick, easy and precise rope adjustments to ensure an appropriate range of motion for all exercisers.

At Home SPX® models include the Traditional Rope System which is ideal for a single-user setting where regular adjustments aren’t needed.

The High-Precision Gearbar is available on select Reformer packages, but may also be added as an upgrade at the time of purchase. With six gearbar positions, the added settings provide precision and superior ergonomics when setting initial tension, or altering the tension for exercisers.

The Traditional Gearbar is standard on Professional Reformers and is the only option available for At Home Reformers. It slides completely into one of three gearbar slots and securely holds the Reformer springs when in use.

Merrithew springs are extremely durable and custom-crafted using the highest quality materials. All springs are nickel-plated, heat-treated and attach firmly to the Reformer carriage, each with a unique spring ball that allows for secure attachment to the gearbar. Professional Reformers come with the High Precision Springs Package and At Home models come with the Traditional Springs Package.

Springs must be replaced every two years to ensure safety, optimal performance and warranty coverage

  • Limited lifetime warranty: Aluminum rails, components of the frame and related welding, standard gearbar and footbar mechanisms (excluding Rubber Footbar)
  • 90 days: Upholstery
  • 1 year: Ropes, straps, spring clips, plastic pulley bar receptacle sleeves, comfort footbar, spring covers and plastic spring holders
  • 2 years: All other Reformer components

Note, At Home SPX® Pilates Reformers are not warrantied for commercial or professional use

An investment for a lifetime. Unlimited possibilities

Adding a Vertical Frame to your Reformer dramatically increases your programming options. The Vertical Frame can be added to any Max series Reformer that has receptacles at the back

See the Vertical Frame in action

Discover limitless exercise options with our wide range of Pilates Reformer accessories

Learn more about Reformer accessories

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At Home Reformers

Make your home-studio dreams come true with our entry-level Reformers that don’t sacrifice quality or performance.


Key features

  • 22 in (56 cm) carriage width
  • Traditional Rope System
  • Traditional Spring Package
  • Traditional Gearbar (Non-upgradable)
  • 10 or 16.25 in (25.4 or 41.3 cm) height
At Home Reformers

Professional Reformers

Elevate your studio space with highly customizable Professional Reformers to appeal to the widest range of exercisers.


Key features

  • 22 or 24 in (56 or 64 cm) carriage width
  • Retractable Rope System
  • High Precision Spring Package
  • Upgradable with Vertical Frame and High-Precision Gearbar
  • 9 or 16 in (23 or 40.6 cm) height
Professional Reformers

Rehab Reformers

Bring the benefits of therapeutic Reformer Pilates to your clinic with a higher carriage platform for improved accessibility.


Key features

  • 24 in (64 cm) carriage width
  • Retractable Rope System
  • High Precision Spring Package
  • Upgradable with Vertical Frame and High-Precision Gearbar
  • 2.5 in (57.2 cm) height
Rehab Reformers