Bring the benefits of therapeutic Pilates to your rehab clients

Merrithew™ Rehab Reformers are designed to support clients throughout their rehabilitation. With improved accessibility and adaptability for injured or mobility-challenged clients, our Rehab Pilates Reformers are ideal for physical therapy and medical facilities

Get the STOTT PILATES® Rehab Program working for you

Designed by health care professionals for health care professionals, STOTT PILATES® Rehabilitation education combined with Merrithew™ equipment give you the knowledge, tools and skills you need to add a Pilates revenue stream to your clinical practice.

We’ve designed every detail, so you can focus on your patients’ care

Equipped with our patented Retractable Rope System and self-locking cleats that allow for quick, easy and precise rope adjustments to ensure an appropriate range of motion for all exercisers.

Merrithew™ springs are extremely durable and are custom-crafted using the highest quality materials. All springs are nickel-plated, heat-treated and attached firmly to the Reformer carriage. Each spring comes with a unique spring ball that securely connects to the gearbar. All Rehab Reformers include our High-Precision Spring Package.Springs must be replaced every two years to ensure safety, optimal performance and warranty coverage

The Traditional Gearbar is standard on all Rehab Reformers and slides completely into one of three gearbar positions to securely hold the Reformer springs while in use.Upgrade to the High-Precision Gearbar for the added versatility of six gearbar positions, and for superior ergonomics when setting or altering the tension. The High-Precision Gearbar must be added at time of purchase so it can be installed at our factory

Rehab Reformers feature a 24 in (61 cm) wide carriage. The Reformer carriage is designed to provide superior comfort and support, while offering a smooth and quiet ride along the rails. High quality EVA foam padding on the carriage offers superior tactile feedback during workouts and makes cleaning quick and simple.

A 6 in (15 cm) carriage extension upgrade is also available for those looking to accommodate clients 6 ft 4 in (193 cm) or taller

The Footbar offers a secure surface to push off from and provides superior comfort and less compression on feet and hands. Four height positions, plus one that moves the Footbar completely out of the way, give you ample programming options for all exercisers.

The headrest offers three different positions to improve spine alignment and maximize cervical support.

The quick-set pulley posts offer six adjustable height settings for precise rope angle adjustments and consistently even pulley heights.

Padded shoulder rests are extra stable for supporting the hands or feet, and can be quickly removed to accommodate accessories or to create a flat mat surface.

Made of thick, solid wood and coated with a non-skid surface for added safety during standing exercises.

Personalize your Reformer by choosing from one of 6 standard upholstery colors or from one of 20+ custom colors. Additional costs apply for custom color choices.

Made of durable silicone rubber for improved grip to keep the Reformer firmly in place on all types of flooring and during any type of exercise.

Adaptable programming for every type of patient

Adding a Vertical Frame dramatically increases your programming options without requiring more space. This cost-effective setup is ideal for a smaller, clinical setting. The Vertical Frame can be added to any Rehab Pilates Reformer.

Discover limitless exercise options with our wide range of Reformer accessories. Engage patients and clients with accessories that support their rehabilitation process, including our Soft Footbar and Rotational Diskboard™.

Merrithew Connect

The perfect Reformer complement

Kick-start your Reformer training with 200+ workout videos led by Merrithew presenters. Whether at home or teaching in a studio, you’ll find a workout that inspires and motivates.

Choose your Reformer

Rehab V2 Max™

This machine is designed with a higher carriage platform to be more accessible for patients with injuries or limited mobility. It’s ideal for dedicated physical therapy and medical facilities.

Key features

  • 22.5 in (52.7 cm) height
  • Upgradable with Vertical Frame and High-Precision Gearbar
  • All upgrades are available to Rehab Reformers
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Rehab V2 Max™ Plus

Offering a high carriage platform and Vertical Frame, its high versatility and adaptability make it the ideal option for facilities with a range of patients and clients, from rehab to fitness.

Key features

  • 22.5 in (52.7 cm) height
  • Vertical Frame included
  • Upgradable with High-Precision Gearbar
  • All upgrades are available to Rehab Reformers
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